2009-03-14 06:46:13 by Flaming-Fish

Thanks to my new/old Wacom tablet, I finally decided to give drawing on flash a go. After a few attempts on it as i first bought it, I finally got the hang of it. Spent about 2 hours yesterday on this, drawing and coloring. It was good practice, and an all right picture.


Overall Coverage

2007-10-26 17:47:55 by Flaming-Fish


Ok so the Bunny thing made it through! It got a 2.33 rating when it passed and I got some pretty nice comments about it considering it was my first full flash movie. Some real nice advice there too.
Just before I put it on yesterday, I saw the file was 5.88 mg big! That turned out to be a bit... bad. turns out the three .mp3 songs I had took up about 4 mb. so, I converted the .mp3s to .wav and now its a lot better. 1.50 mb or something

With the extended time I had today to work on Flash, I was able to complete the Bunny video and submit! While writing this, it is still under judgment. Can't wait to see how it goes!

Ok! Its done with a wonderful display of the Logo with sounds. 100% completed and perfectionist approved! Also, its compressed to about 200 KB, 1/50 of the max file amount so it can easily be added on without worry of the size of the file. Now for the Bunny!

I've gotten considerabley farther in the fish logo presentation. I'm thinking of just putting the Burning Fish w/e the blue background of water and "Flaming Fish" written the same way as the banner for this site. Basically, at the beginning of everything I make, the fish falls through the sky (on fire), and falls into water. Basic, short and sweet. I've made some pretty nice clouds. I'm pretty proud of those guys. I finally got how to make one. That is about 85% done.

Yeah, so I'm starting to get along with flash. I'm not doing to too frequently, but more often than not. Done a few things. Still trying to get a 46x46 picture, but I've changed the fishfrom bad, to pretty good graphics. It looks more convincing and a bit 3-D (shown below or above or something. Not sure). Since before, my graphics or Flash drawing has gotten a bit better. Of course I'm not sure entirely, so I can't brag, but decide for yourself with the picture of fishes (I think that is bad grammar >.<). I did the Banner and main piccy in the same day, and I've discovered the beuty of coloring lines, and adding alpha. Sweet!

Bunny Fight! id complete!!!

Flaming fish is not a homosexual*.

*Please also note, if he was, he wouldn't be Flaming.

Once more, no subject. Just playing around.

2007-10-24 08:00:16 by Flaming-Fish

Yep... Just playing around. Did you know this sentence has 47 letters in it (not including the number 47)?


2007-10-24 07:56:25 by Flaming-Fish

Yeah, I'm a ''noob'' when it comes to flash. But its fun none the less. You don't need tons of fans to enjoy Flash programs. Just to enhance it! Buuuuuuutttt anyways, I've kinda gone off of Flash making until i get a better version of the program. I don't even have Flash 2004... Ah well. I'm not rich. I'm sure I'll get back into Flash someday, cause I enjoy it immensley ^-^ I'm not always on Newgrounds like, every day cause honestly, I forget about it. Haha... I'm not sure why I just laughed... well... thanks for readin'.

-No Subject-

2007-08-23 08:39:10 by Flaming-Fish

What do you people expect from me?!?

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